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Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

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Since Strudel is quite new, I was looking for ways to attract visitors from around the globe that aren’t in my comfort zone. When I opened the blog, I sent it out to my friends and family via Facebook and word of mouth, and although that attracts plenty of “friends of friends”, it was clear that I needed to widen that circle.

I’ve been using Pinterest for years to find recipes, kids activities and interior inspiration. I had no idea, that Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers to blogs!

So I started pinning each and everyone of my images to boards, adding descriptions, uploading, saving, etc. and after a while it became quite tedious and I wasn’t looking forward to this “chore”.

Seems that the people at Tailwind realized this years ago, because they created the most marvelous tool to maximizing  Pinterest’s capabilities in a quick and effective way.

Tailwind is a Pinterest automation schedule. It lets you schedule any pin you want to any Pinterest board you have at the optimal time. At the same time you’re scheduling it, you can add and edit descriptions which are vital for the Pinterest algorithm, which for me is just a huge time saver.

They give you 100 free scheduling cycles to begin with!

Strudel has also teamed up with Tailwind to offer you 15$ off your pro account, simply by using this code.

Let me know in the comments how your trial is going 🙂

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