A Marble Office


marble office

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Marble designs have taken the world by storm this season, so why not add a bit of glam to the place we spend most of our time?

Every office can benefit from that luxurious look marble gives so effortlessly.

Untitled collage (13)

  1. Tape Dispenser
  2. Tray
  3. Coaster
  4. Mouse Pad
  5. Paperclip holder
  6. Marble print

Untitled collage (14).png

  1. Pencil Organizer
  2. Washi Tape
  3. Binder Clips
  4. Notebook
  5. Cup

Untitled collage (15).png

  1. Headphones
  2. Clock
  3. Metal Travel Mug
  4. Pen

Untitled collage (16).png

  1. Cup and Saucer
  2. Vase
  3. Candle Holder
  4. Stapler



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13 thoughts

  1. I love the timeless look of marble. Thank you for this great list. I found a few things to add to my last minute Christmas shopping!

  2. Everything is so pretty ! I love the way marble looks, especially in all of those office supplies. Definitely lots of new ways to polish a space.

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